I worked with Mysty when she was the Director of the EVP and then later as the President of the Corvallis-Benton Chamber Coalition. I observed Mysty facilitating diverse citizen and business groups during the development of the Prosperity That Fits economic development plan for Corvallis. Her ability to focus groups, find common ground, and engage disenfranchised audiences is excellent. She is also a wonderful networker and community connector. She is honest, sincere, dedicated and very intelligent.

Laura Conroy
Mysty is a pleasure to work with in the pursuit of business interests in Corvallis. She excels in bringing different groups of people together to promote local businesses and is fun to work with. Mysty is skilled at connecting people and businesses to create something far better than the individuals alone.

Chris Evans, Harbor Freight
Excerpt from June 2010 journal entry: “Lacking identity and direction. Discovery: I do not have a clear picture of who I am and what my value proposition / core skill set is today.“ Fast forward 16 months and some quality time working with Mr. Ferreira. Discovery: I have a clear sense of identity and value proposition. I’m continuing to clarify my value add and apply that clarity to my trade. I also have people taking notice. I am captain and commander. I’m still learning, still refining, still discovering, but in a place of grounded confidence.

Zé Ferreira is one of the greatest gifts I’ve experienced. Who knew an impromptu introduction at a coffee shop in the wee hours could have such a profound impact on life. He has helped me discover my true self in a manner that was unique and considerate to my needs, my strengths, my dreams. I was looking, but needed focus. Mr. Ferreira’s selfless persona opened itself to me. He listened. He grokked. He invested. He grounded. He embraced. He held me accountable to myself, my family and God. He helped me earnestly start and accelerate the transformation to the person I am today. Most remarkably, he became a dear friend.

Seth Godin describes a linchpin as someone in an organization who is indispensable, who cannot be replaced—his role is just far too unique and valuable. Zé Ferreira is a linchpin in my life. If you don’t have a Zé in your life, call Mr. Ferreira!

Shawn Curtis