Mysty was an invaluable asset when we were moving and expanding our business back in 2006. She understood our needs and represented our interests with integrity and vigor, even though we're a relatively small organization with very limited resources. Without her help life would have been a lot more difficult.

Ethan Burnside
Mysty is one of the brightest people I have ever worked with. She is very business wise and knows how to get the best value for her organization and members. The "process of business" is not understood by most people at the depth she has. I appreciated her business advice she provided me early on in this company and never forgot it. The truth is after my meeting with Mysty I ran back to the office and implemented everything she said at the right time. Thanks for that advice Mysty.

Richard Scully, CEO, EcTownUSA.Com
I am a Mysty Believer and Cheerleader plus a big fan of her leadership skills and attention to detail. Few people have the courage to handle and overcome challenges like Mysty.

Lee Eckroth, Broker
Mysty has been instrumental in advancing the chamber with regard to create a business friendly environment for start up companies and also drive the economic vitality for the city and the county.

Krishna Rao, Owner, RR2 Partners
I first met Mysty when I joined the Corvallis-Benton Chamber Coalition and was immediately impressed by her ability to inspire others. She embodies many qualities of an effective leader. She is a consummate professional, a tireless workaholic and a brilliant business woman that is always looking for ways to improve her organization and the members in it. Mysty exhibits class, professionalism and integrity in all that she does. She continually shows terrific leadership, adaptability and an uncanny knack for tackling many of the most pressing issues facing the Chamber, often at the same time. I have enjoyed seeing Mysty proudly represent the City of Corvallis and the Chamber as an MC at the Austin Excellence in Family Business Awards in Portland for the past two years and witnessed firsthand the deep care and commitment she has for the businesses she represents. I was fortunate to have met Mysty soon after I started my business and am a much better business person as a result of having worked with her. With her encouragement and support, I became actively involved in Chamber Committees, events and planning meetings. She has been a key advocate for not only my small business, but all the businesses the Chamber represents. I am proud to call Mysty a trusted colleague and a true friend.

John Harris, Horsepower Productions
Horsepower Productions
I've worked with Mysty directly over 5-6 years, as the board Chair of the Corvallis/Benton Economic Development Partnership (EDP), as co-chair of the Corvallis-Benton Chamber Coalition (CBCC) and as Chair of the Economic Development Committee at the CBCC. Mysty's strengths center around her ability to gather together a group of volunteers and employees to focus on a strategic goal. In her tenure in Corvallis she has lead and been principally responsible for the rejuvenation and reorganization of two dysfunctional groups. Her leadership has created great value to the business and larger community by producing viable, productive organizations. She was a central figure in fostering the Economic Vitality Partnership while at the EDP and the Prosperity that Fits program while at the CBCC. This has been done while she annually had new board leadership which varied greatly in their approach and management style. I respect her dedication, commitment and ability to grow an organization under stressful environments.

Chuck Crowe, ATCO America
Atco America
I can strongly recommend Mysty Rusk for any Economic Directorship or Chamber of Commerce lead. Her ability to lead and innovate is well established. Any director can point to credentials within their field and find someone to call them an expert, but Mysty Rusk is far more than an "ego wall expert". Her pioneering programs and services for Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Departments have raised the standards for both in Oregon. From land use to incentives, infrastructure to public education to issues surrounding local and regional Economic Development, Mysty has been a central figure in leading Corvallis business out of financial malaise. Working with and identifying the companies and industries poised for growth, and developing the staff to take them to the next level has absolutely transformed the concept in the region. The fruit of her labor is evident in the many established programs locally for entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and start-ups.  Her triumphs include creating and administering Corvallis's first business incentive program, the Benton Corvallis Sustainable Enterprise Zone, and developing the Shovel Ready status of the Corvallis Airport Industrial Park. The environment in Benton County is one that promotes local investment, production and purchasing to increase community wealth and provide for the livability that makes Corvallis such a great place to live.

Aaron Edewards
Mysty has worked hard to set up a very productive organization here in Corvallis. She has been instrumental in getting the necessary approvals in place to help this community prosper. She knows how to take a community in the direction that works for all the different constituents involved. We do appreciate her work.

Dan Whitaker
Mysty is a true professional. She continually demonstrates optimism while finding creative ways to solve complex business and political problems. Her ability to motive others, through her leadership skills, enables her to represent the best interests of her community and the business with whom she interfaces. She has an extremely challenging job but somehow always finds a way to make a positive difference.

Ormond "Norm" Galvin, President ORM Consulting
ORM Consulting Inc.
Mysty has helped grow business development in our area by helping the community to engage in the process of expanding our involvement in the process. With her support, I was able to move forward on creating a business facilitation round table and to engage the community in the discussion about how to do local investments in high tech businesses. Without her support, it would not have been possible.

John Sechrest