Choose from the following business quizzes to evaluate how great you are doing or find out where you might be at risk. Each quiz is designed to help you know more about your business and identify specific areas to focus your attention and resources. Each quiz is designed to take around 30 seconds and provides some insights into why each question is important.

Eye on customers?

How much do you really know about your customers? This MyZe Quick Biz Quiz is designed to help you think and act with an eye on the future when it comes to customer engagement and service. Go directly to the Eye on Customers Quiz.



 Show Me the MONEY!

Whether you love the numbers or not, entrepreneurs must develop a minimum level of acuity in financial matters and while bookkeeping CAN be delegated, real financial management can NOT.This MyZe Quick Biz Quiz provides a few hints about how effective you are in financial aspects of your business. Go directly to the Show Me the Money Quiz.


Built to last?

In this MyZe Quick Biz Quiz we look at staying power. Will your company be here in 5, 10, 50 years? If you have systems in place and you are actively engaged in preparing for a changing world the answer might be yes. Use this link to go directly to the Built to Last Quiz.



What owns your time?

Whether it is competing priorities or time, energy and resources devoted to technology you have the ability to make choices about how, where and with whom you will spend your time. This MyZe Quick Biz Quiz helps identify where you might be spending too much or too little time. Use this link to go directly to the Time Commitment Quiz.