This FREE book is another great gift from MyZe Strategies. The Science of Getting Rich is about so much more than money. It has everything to do with our purpose in life and BEing, DOing, and HAVEing exactly what we want.



We are able to offer this book for free because the copyright expired long ago and because Google has gone to the trouble of having the book scanned and made available through their book program.

The Science of Getting Rich was written in 1911, just before Wallace D. Wattles past away. The text takes a little time to adjust to, because the way we talk and write has changed in the last 100 years, but if you can make the jump, its a quick read, loaded with insights. It embraces the power of positive thinking and seems to be at the foundation of so much we see in the media today. This book challenged our thinking and belief systems about wealth. Decades ahead of his time Wattles effectively wraps the Law of Attraction, The Golden Rule, basics for business,the power of positive thinking, a plethora of modern day reading and his own spiritual beliefs together in a way that is both simple and profound.

We think you’ll find yourself saying, “Well, of course. That makes perfect sense.”