2-3 hours of intensive personal coaching on a specific topic of your choosing.



Got a problem?  We know you already have the solution, but having someone to really listen and ask the right questions can be the key to the clarity and focus you need.  The great question can make all the difference in sorting it out, whether it is personal or professional, strategic, logistical, spiritual, theoretical or anything else.  If it’s taking up space in your brain, it is keeping you from more fruitful pursuits.

Café com Zé is a short-term, confidential service that gives you the ability to talk it out with one of the best listeners and question-askers of all time.  In session one, you and Zé look at the different angles, explore the possible solutions and develop a plan of action.  In session two, Zé follows up as your accountability partner and to help you work through any unresolved issues that arise as part of executing the plan of action.

This is a great tool when you have either a well defined problem or something going on that you just can’t put your finger on.  It doesn’t require a huge time commitment or an ongoing arrangement and it is a great way to “test drive” the coaching experience if you are new to personal coaching.

Zé is not your friend, not your spouse, not your competitor, not your coworker, boss or peer.  He is someone who is willing to give you his full time and attention and help you sort things out and develop a plan for the best way to move forward.

Time commitment: 2-3 hours

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