MyZe Strategies is an international consulting firm specializing in empowering individuals, groups, companies, and communities to reach their potential. Personal coaching, business planning and strategy, nonprofit strategic planning, and economic development consulting are included in the suite of services offered by MyZe Strategies. The team at MyZe Strategies brings a unique and comprehensive approach. Embracing the richness of the past, the technology of the present, and the best thinking for the future, MyZe Strategies will help you create, implement, and evaluate strategies that are completely personalized.

Chamber Partnership

MyZe Strategies partners with Chamber’s of Commerce to bring highly customized business training to your community. Our approach puts us “in the boat” working together with you to serve small businesses.

We hear this statement all the time… “Businesses don’t know what they don’t know.” We team up with you to promote attendance and provide foundation-based training for small businesses. This unique partnership allows your organization to bring in top notch training with no out-of-pocket expense. Called the Business Tune Up or Business Boot Camp, MyZe Strategies offers options for customized half or full day training intensives for small business. We share the top ten questions every business should be able to answer and help participants define their distinct success-based questions in four (4) areas: goods/services, marketing, finance and leadership. Check out our “Becoming a Partner“ and contact us today for a free 15-minute overview to see if this opportunity is right for you. 541.250.0287 OR 916.612.7590 CA or

The GiftThe Gift

The Gift is a 30-day self enrichment experience focused on moving you toward the life you dream of and deserve.

We know dramatic change is possible by devoting as little as 10 minutes a day for 30 days. By choosing to accept The Gift, you will interact with the MyZe Team through email, videos, writing, and other daily assignments. Together we will explore life’s big questions and little details. Take your life to the next level and join us for a month-long challenge to discover your very best. Our team knows that, when change occurs in one of the enrichment areas, people like you and me make profound, positive steps on the journey we call life.



MyZe Strategies offers life, professional, and team coaching focused on empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Using an integrated approach, the MyZe Team enables an individual or group to attain their universal best using creative rather than competitive methods and focus energy and resources on positive and dynamic change. Each client finds ways to harness and cultivate the divine creativity within and use that creativity to fulfill her/his ultimate life’s purpose to work, play, contribute, and create wealth – financially, socially. and ecologically.

Not sure if coaching is right for you? Check out this quick coaching presentation to learn more or if you are interested in coaching packages, check out our Products.



Economic Development & Strategic Community Planning

The global economy is in a state of mega flux.  Solutions to the economic issues that lie ahead must respect and honor the uniqueness of the people, resources, and infrastructure of a community while paying close attention to local history and the potential opportunities of the future. Truly strategic planning for a community must begin from a place that honors and respects the culture, natural resources, human capital, and existing infrastructure.

With more than four decades of combined experience across five continents, the MyZe Team brings a global perspective to the unique attributes of each community it serves. If you are looking for an approach that capitalizes on the passion, distinctive traits, and exceptional talents of your community, MyZe Strategies would like to work with you.

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